Our offer

Historic parades

Horses are essential at a lot of historic parades. We have the use of gothic clothing for both riders and conductors. We are gradually getting equipped with riders armour. For night parades we can provide fire spitters or other walking members.

Dressage performances

Typical riding shows in various costumes. Shows with music with one or two horses. Saddle/longe, longe/longe, natural communication from the ground. The performance can be extended with jugglers.

Passionate red and black fantasy

The beauty of black friesan horses accompanied by dancers with scarfs or fire. The performance is based on natural horse communication with some circus tricks.

Duration: about 10 minutes

Performers: Mr. & Mrs. Novotní, 2 horses, 2 dancers

The wood fairies tail

Even nowdays there are still mysterious sprites deep within the woods. Beautiful Pixies in their silver silk dresses and wings lighter than spider web are dancing with delight in the moonlight. But there is also great evil hidden within the woods. Fire spirits are envious of fairies and cause trouble and mischiev on every ocassion. Fairy themed show full of lights, fires and pyrotechnics. This is suited for night show with horse led light harnesses. It can also be performed during day but light,fire and pyro effects are not as briht as after dark.

Duration: about 15 minutes

Performers: Mr. & Mrs. Novotní, 2 horses, 1-2 fairies, 1 fire spirit.

The legend of soul

When the soul leaves our world, it reaches to the places that only a few people know of. It is a place where the soul have a great value. Who will claim it?

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Performers: Mr. & Mrs. Novotní, 2 horses, 1-2 good spirits, 1-2 evil spirit


Jestering with Kevin

Even with a small horse you can make a big theater performance. And who will laugh last will we shall see in a performance with American miniature horse Kevin and his friends. You will see circus tricks, jumps and lots of silly fun.

Duration: about 15 minutes

Performers: 1 minihorse, possibly 1 dog, 2 jesters


Nordic legend “Valkyrie in the saddles”

In an ancient times, when the great All father Odin watched over the battles and was deciding who deserves a place in Valhalla. The love story of the vikingr and the Valkyrie was born. As a brave warrior, he would have gotten to Valhalla after his death in battle, to unite with his beloved Valkyrie forever, but it was not meant to be his fate. Will Valkyrie manage to get her lover out of the dark place?

Breathtaking performances full of beautiful women, horses and fire. Also suitable for an evening show.

Duration: about 20 minutes
Performers: Valkyrie and goddess Freya on horses, the brave warrior, goddess Hel


Light show