Our Horses


Ciara Van de Demro stables

Ciara, born in 2008, was transported from Netherlands in 2014 and since then she has been presented to the Czech audience. She has won many awards, become champion at many exhibitions and received the Ster title. She has had one foal, a stallion, later sold to the US. Ciara is remarkable for her all-year-long deep black colour, elegant look, excellent movement and character. She is hardworking, cooperative and very cuddly.

Gaike W.T.

This mare born in 2010 is very calm, nice, hardworking and elegant look. In July 2019 was born her first foal, stallion Kije van de Mano. “Chaika” is now ridden under saddle and learn all tricks as her colleague and soon will be able to performing with others.


Nobel van de Noeste Hoeve

Nobel was born in 2012 in Netherlands. He was brought to us in 2016. He has the Ster title and has become a winner at several exhibitions. „Nobi“ is still a young stallion so he has been ridden under saddle and taught with the yoke recently. As other horses, he is taught by natural communication, which he manages very well.

AA Creek Midnight Dreamboy alias Kevin

Kevin is an American MiniHorse born in 2014. We bought him at the beginning of 2018. He is a studhorse for American, Dutch and Czech MiniHorse mares. In 2018 he became the absolute winner at Licence Awarding for Stallions and Inspection for Mares and Geldings in Opřetice with the rate 8.4 points. Kevin is continually learning new tricks which is really easy thanks to his curious character.


In training

Iris van de Gela

Young mare born in 2018. She has an elegant trot and is very curious.

Other horses

Steven fan Wiekes Hiem

Steve was born in 2005, therefore he is the oldest of our black pearls. During his career he has won the Ster title, has often succeeded in dressage at Z and L degrees. Also he won the second position in dressage in Vysočina region. Recently he´s been used only a little.

Kije van de Mano

First foal of Gaike W.T. born in summer 2019. “Kája” like to be in contact and he is very curious.


A mare born in 1999. She is of Kinsky breed and is registered in the studbook of Czech hot-blooded horses. She has won awards at Kinsky horse exhibitions. She has been ridden in S-degree dressage reaching leading positions. Nowadays she is enjoying her retirement and is used under saddle only for leisure. She has had 2 offsprings – a stallion and a mare. They both inherrited her excellent movement.

Never forget:

Tsjerry van Henswoude

Tsjerry was born in 2006, in 2010 she was brought pregnant to us from Netherlands. This mare is registered in Royal Studbook of Friesian Horses, which is kept in Drachten, Netherlands. She has won many awards – she became a champion among 4-year-old and older stamboek mares at the Central Friesian Horse Inspections in 2011, 2012 and 2013. She has been a champion at many exhibitions in both Czech Republic and abroad. In 2013 she took part in a public competition for the most beautiful horse in the Czech Republic, where she occupied the second position. Tsjerry was a typical example of Friesian Horse – long mane and nearly faultless appearence. With her massive built she looks like a stallion. She was a cuddly fast learner that loves attention. She died 13. September 2021. We will miss you.